Some thoughts on information systems

As part of the course requirements for LSC 555: Information Systems in Libraries and Information Centers, some of the cohort members have made blogs in which they will post their thoughts on course topics and readings. Be sure to check out some of our thought-provoking discussions on topics related to info systems, development life cycles, HCI assessment, and more!

Some thoughts on information systems by Joseph Koivisto

Be sure to be on the lookout for links to more cohort member blogs!

Information Sources & Services

After last night’s class, our cohort has finished our Information Sources & Services course and the second intensive six-week session of the Summer semester. Congratulations to everyone and best of luck on the final!

More Organization of Information Final Presentations

Met for our last class of our Org. of Information course and got to see even more interesting presentations. Topics included:

  • Need to Know (a presentation on the cataloging of classified and top secret information)
  • Developing Trends for Cataloging Sheet Music Collections
  • The Digital Image: Controlled Vocabularies & Visual Resource Management
  • Vox Populi: How User Generated Metadata Compares & Competes with Traditional Subject Headings
  • Supporting User Needs in Specialized Archival Collections
  • Collaborative Tagging & Opportunities for the Library Community
  • Libraries & Marketing
  • Metadata Challenges within the University Library

Way to go, everyone! More fun to begin on Monday with the start of LSC553.

Organization of Information Final Presentations

The first round of final presentations for our Organization of Information course began in class last night. We got to listen to great Pecha Kucha by our fellow students. Here’s some of the topics:

  • Is MARC Still Relevant?
  • Controlled Vocabularies in Archives
  • More Product, Less Organization?: Minimalist Processing & Information Organization in an Archival Setting
  • Information Retrieval in Museums
  • Information Architecture
  • Music Information Settings and FRBR
  • Being a Librarian: The 21st Century
  • Space for Knowledge: Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Can’t wait to see the next batch of presentations tomorrow night!