03. Coursework Overview

Students in the Cultural Heritage and Information Management (CHIM) cohort are expected to complete the following coursework. Below, you will find the course listings and a brief description of each of the courses. Students are also expected to complete two additional electives of their choice.

More information on the Department of Library of Information Science’s course offerings can be found here.

  • LSC551: Organization of Information
    • An introduction to the basic principles of organizing and representing information for facilitating access based on users’ information needs
  • LSC553: Information Sources and Services
    • An introduction to the fundamental terminology, concepts, and practices of library public services as well as the skills to deliver them effectively to a variety of information users and within a variety of settings
  • LSC555: Information Systems in Library and Information Centers
    • An introduction to applicable theory, principles, and standards; explore the capabilities and functions of several classes of information systems, including established technology like integrated library systems (ILS) and databases as well as evolving social and collaborative environments
  • LSC557: Libraries and Information in Society
    • An introduction to the nature of information, the role of libraries, and the profession of librarianship in contemporary society
  • LSC667: History and Theory of Cultural Heritage Institutions
    • Students will learn about the programs and mission of large, nationally-known museums as well as small, community-based historical organizations
  • LSC648: Digital Curation
    • An overview of digital curation as a lifecycle management strategy to manage, evaluate, collect, organize, preserve, share, support and promote the use and re-use of digital assets
  • LSC615: Metadata
    • Applies principles of information organization to organize digitized and born-digital resources for access and addresses the strengths and limitations of current access tools
  • LSC635: Use and Users of Libraries and Information
    • Introduces students with information-seeking theories, methods, and research on users’ behavior of libraries and information use
  • LSC652: Foundations of Digital Libraries
    • An overview of principles and practices in digital libraries that addresses theoretical, technological, social, and practical issues regarding building, organizing, and providing access to digital libraries

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