06. Contact Information

For questions regarding the CHIM cohort at CUA’s Department of Library and Information Science, feel free to contact Dr. Youngok Choi at  choiy@cua.edu.

For questions regarding the CUA CHIM blog, please contact Jenna Tenaglio at 48tenaglio@cardinalmail.cua.edu.

3 thoughts on “06. Contact Information

  1. Hi! I’m Jeremy Brett, Processing Archivist at Texas A&M University. As a participant in the MARAC panel to which Justine Rothbart refers in her latest blog entry for CUA CHIM, I wanted to thank her on behalf of myself as well as Laura and Christine for her very nice words. We were all gratified to learn that people found the topic to be of interest, and we’re heartened that more archivists are interested in advocacy.

    I wanted to ask Justine a question. Justine, all 3 of us on the panel are members of the SAA Issues & Advocacy Roundtable, and we’d be interested in having you and your cohort write a blog post for our Roundtable website, on some subject relating to advocacy. As library school students, you guys present a fresh point of view we’d love to hear. We’d also love to post your blog entry that you wrote for CUACHIM here on our site and on the Roundtable’s Facebook site, if you’re willing.

    Thanks again,
    Jeremy Brett

  2. Jeremy:
    Thanks for your comment! My name is Joseph Koivisto and I am the administrator of the CUA CHIM blog (and a classmate of Justine’s). I’ll gladly pass along your comment to her. Please contact me if you have any questions about the blog, the cohort, or CUA in general.


    • Thanks, Joseph!


      Jeremy Brett, C.A.
      Assistant Professor and Processing Archivist
      Cushing Memorial Library and Archives
      Texas A&M University
      5000 TAMU
      College Station, TX 77843-5000
      (979) 845-1951
      You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve.
      -Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra, December 24, 1798

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