Handling Digital Assets in Time-Based Media Art

Erica Titkemeyer, a fellow of the National Digital Stewardship Residency program, recently presented at UMD’s MITH on her initiative at the Smithsonian Institution: preservation topics related to digital assets in time-based media art. Given the complexity of digital files associated with time-based artworks, how are we as archivists, digital humanists, librarians, &c. to go about ensuring the ongoing accessibility and integrity (from both archival and artistic perspectives) of these works?

In her time at the Smithsonian, Erica has worked to develop a framework for digital preservation of  time-based media, a task which — if her MITH presentation is any indication — is crazy complicated. However, she has worked to develop a preservation methodology that is conscious of traditional archival concerns as well as specific concerns regarding software/technological specifications, complex relationships between constituent elements of a work, and features of the work’s instantiation (i.e. resolution, dimensions, display format/hardware, &c.). As emerging library and info science pros, topics like this loom large on the horizon of our discipline.

Be sure to check out her work at:

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And, of course, be sure to check out the other NDSR fellows and the awesome things they are doing in the field and in the area.


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