Bridging the Spectrum — The Sixth Annual Symposium on Scholarship and Practice

The Catholic University of America’s Department of Library and Information Science has announced the 6th annual Bridging the Spectrum symposium to be held at the Pryzbyla Center on Friday, January 31st, 2014.  This one-day symposium offers students, faculty, and all cuaSLISinformation professionals a forum in which to discuss important research topics in the library and information field.

This year’s symposium focuses on the theme of “Renewing Our Value.” The symposium website provides the following mission statement:

As our information environment has become increasingly digital, mobile, and ubiquitous, people are able to access and obtain information rapidly and independently. This has enabled librarians, archivists, and information specialists to reinvent our traditional roles, and to place greater value on traditional principles that are at the core of the profession. This has also provided a tremendous opportunity for libraries, museums and archives to renew their value as institutional pillars in society.

Students are encouraged to submit proposals. The deadline for submission is September 13th. Applicants will be notified in November. Final abstracts must be submitted by December 6th.

Information on submitting a proposal can be found here.


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